Adultery: Problems, People, and Pain

Let’s consider the problems caused by adultery: In the Workplace, Courts and Nation: On many fronts adultery is a trouble maker. With so much at stake, fallout is always the last thing to be considered! Presidents are embarrassed, humiliated, and squander integrity. Politicians loss elections. CEO’s are let go and replaced when adultery is exposed. […]

Defining Adultery Is Knowing You Are Committing Adultery

How do we go about defining adultery except to say that it is morally wrong and it is a sin according to God? When we live our lives as if there is no God there will be consequences. I don’t say this scripture does. Many people don’t stop to realize that they create negative consequences […]

Are You Feeling Hopeless and Need Help Dealing With Adultery?

Facing adultery can be overwhelming and if it’s possible, I’d like to offer you some help. I wish it were in person where we could share a cup of cocoa and a warm smile but if this article gives you at least a little guidance or adultery help you are seeking, I’d be delighted. The […]