Exposing the Adultery Pandemic

What is a pandemic? According to Merriam Webster’s online dictionary, a pandemic is an “outbreak” occurring over a wide geographic area and affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population. I would consider adultery to be of pandemic proportions considering the high rate of marital suffering, divorce, sickness and disease among a high proportion of the world. What do you think? Let’s take a closer look and examine this issue.

If you knew of a dangerous virus going around in the city where you lived that caused fever, chills, nausea, severe diarrhea, and vomiting, and death to those with a weak immune system, you would probably stay as far away from the city as possible? At the least, you would wear a hospital mask over your face to avoid the harmful germs, right?

Adultery is like a virus but much worse. It spreads from person to person like a virus and if a person is not spiritually well, it will entangle them within its insidious hold and cause spiritual and mental anguish, not to mention, in many cases, physical illness and deterioration.

As with any pandemic that we learn about we always go out of our way to avoid the offender, lest we too become sick. Viruses become a pandemic only because people do not take the needed precautions in the beginning of its destruction. Sometimes it is because of filthy conditions or lack of knowledge but once we figure out the cause we avoid it like the plague, no pun intended.

Do we do that with sex outside of marriage? Why not?

I would very much consider adultery to be a disease since it damages just as many individuals as does any bird flu virus or cholera. In fact adultery symptoms carry with it all kinds of harm to those affected by it, not only in the mental and spiritual sense but also in the physical sense. Adultery is the main cause of disease and sickness in people, not bird flu, influenza, cholera, or the ebola virus. But is anyone avoiding sex outside of marriage? Is anyone avoiding sex before marriage?

Proverbs talks about what adultery and fornication can do to the human soul, mind, and body. People spray insect repellant on their bodies to stop mosquitoes from sucking their blood, and people stop eating contaminated meat so they will not contract the bird flu virus and Mad Cow disease. But what do people do to stop from having sex outside of marriage? Absolutely nothing!

God does not stand over people with a paddle and tell them to stop having sex outside of marriage or to stop having sex before marriage. He lets them make their own choices in life. God lets us know that adultery and fornication are forbidden but the majority is not listening. What a disservice we are doing to our Creator by not staying spiritually fit and healthy. He has blessed us with wisdom and knowledge and yet we take it all for granted.

What do you think temptation is? Temptation is not a sin – giving in to that temptation is. Everyone on this planet gets tempted, but not everyone gives into it. Why is that? How is your spiritual wellness? Are you spiritually able to say no? Why or why not?

This is why Jesus said for us to not even “look” at another with lust in our heart because we will cave in. Isn’t that what happens, “we look and we think” and then we cave in? But what if we did not “look” with lust in our eyes? What if we ask God daily to be our protector and watch over us? Is anyone making that choice?

The pandemic of adultery is trying to suck everyone in with it, and doing pretty good job at it. Are you going to cave in and become entangled within its grip too? The consequences of adultery can actually result in people getting weak and diseased. That is why it is a sin. God wants us to be rich in love and healthy in our bodies and minds, but adultery and fornication cause us to be poor in love and sick in our bodies and minds. Do you see then, WHY God wants us to avoid adultery and fornication? Both will take away our health and wealth.

“Now then, my sons listen to me;

do not turn aside from what I say.

Keep to a path far from her.

Do not go near the door of her house,

lest you give your best strength to others

and your years to one who is cruel,

lest strangers feast on your wealth

and your toil enrich another man’s house.

At the end of your life you will groan when your flesh and body are spent”.

Proverbs 5: 7-11)

It is never to late to accept purity and love for your marriage – It is NOT too late. “Come out of her my people”! If you have been weak in the past but want to turn your life around, God will make you strong and prosperous. You can begin to make your marriage important to you and be a responsible and loving spouse. Faith in your Creator is all you need. He gives us the ammunition we need to stay away from temptation, but it is up to us to make the choice with our eyes and with our mind.

We have choices. When someone is sick with a pandemic virus, we stay away from him or her. When someone we know is trying to lure us into temptation we have to stay away from those kinds of situations and people. The adultery pandemic will never go away. It is here to stay. But YOU do not have to be a part of it. Just say no!

Cheating Husband – Women Know These Secret Signs of Emotional Adultery

Not every affair is a physical affair. In some relationships the boundaries of an affair include emotional affairs. Discovering emotional affairs, though, can be tricky. They are not as bold or easily spotted as a physical affair. However, there are still clues that you can spot so you can discover your spouses affair.

What is Emotional Adultery?

Emotional adultery is adultery where the cheating is not physical, but emotional. This can include talking to someone else in a manner that goes beyond friendship or even viewing pornography. The thing about emotional cheating that makes it hard to describe is that it is not as clear cut as physical adultery.

Each couple defines what lines and boundaries they set for their relationship. Some couples are more open. Others have closely defined boundaries. Depending upon the relationship, emotional adultery can be a range of acts committed by one spouse without the knowledge of the other spouse.


Depending on what types of acts you may consider to be emotional adultery there are usually plenty of signs. For example, if you suspect that your spouse is having inappropriate conversations with others online you can check out the chat histories or the browser history to find evidence of such conversations.

There is usually a trail wither on the computer or through a cell phone when it comes to emotional adultery.

What to Do

Overcoming emotional adultery may be easier for some people than others. Everyone is different. However, you have to realize that when a spouse cheats on you emotionally it can lead to the physical form of adultery. You have to do something about it.

You have to confront your spouse with the evidence you found and talk it out. You may decide you can not be together or you may be able to uncover problems in your relationship. Whatever happens the trust in the relationship has been compromised so you will have to rebuild it.

It can be difficult to come back from any type of adultery so you should decide early on how you will handle it and what you want to happen. You do not deserve to be cheated on and you have to take the steps to stop it and stop it form happening again.

No matter how difficult it looks, it can be done. Use the information provide here to take action.

Couples Who Swing – Is it Adultery?

The term swinging is in use since the 1950s, although the idea of swinging is definitely much, much older than that. In the past there were various cultures that allowed for some sort of non-marital sexual relations. Usually this was a privilege of noblemen, though there were other examples too. For instance, the ancient Romans viewed non-marital intercourse as a totally normal thing, and furthermore, approved of them. This can be regarded as an early form of swinging.

As mentioned, the term came to use in the 1950s. It is considered that the modern day swinging began in the American military communities, at one point after the end of World War Two. The exact date is impossible to pinpoint, however it is in the late 1950s that the media have got a hold of rumors of these practices, and started investigating them.

Over the years this practice has been called by many derogatory names. But what stayed as a dilemma, is should swinging be considered adultery? From the legal point of view, in the states where adultery is illegal, is there was a court proceeding, anyone engaged in this practice would be considered an adulterer, as the law defines all extra-marital sexual activities as adultery, regardless to the knowledge, or consent of the spouses.

However, on the other hand there are certain statistics that were recently collected, and that speak quite clearly in favor of swinging lifestyle. And those statistics state that over 90 percent of the people who admitted they were engaged in swinging practices feel that swinging had improved their relationship with their spouse, and enhanced their marriage.

But the question of adultery still stands. Especially since there is one significant topic raised in regards to the swinging. That is the question of jealousy. Although most pairs engaged in the swinging activities felt positive about them, a large number of them admitted that they are having issues restraining the feelings of jealousy when swinging. So, that raises the same question again. If most of the people engaged in this practice feel jealousy for their spouse, could this practice be called and considered adultery, even if consensual? This is still somewhat unclear, as, frankly, this topic is still somewhat of a taboo, even in this modern society.

We should consider the definition of the word adultery, in order to try and establish some more facts. If you check out online dictionaries, you will find that most of them define adultery as a: “extramarital sexual activity that willfully and maliciously interferes with marriage relations.” Now the important part is “willfully and maliciously.” If one takes into consideration that swinging is only considered swinging when it includes the knowledge, and approval of both marital partners, how can there be talk about “willful and malicious interfering.” Obviously, swinging does not fall under this category, and therefore should not be considered adultery.

However, it is a general consensus today, that although this practice is legal, and perhaps not adulterous by itself, that it is something that most couples prefer to stay away from. There are numerous reasons for such an attitude, but that is another story.

Adultery Criminal Laws and Their Effects

Adultery is also known as philandery or infidelity is basically a form of extramarital sex. Originally it referred to sex between a married woman and another person other than her spouse. Illegal in some countries, its difference from rape is that while rape involves use of force; adultery is voluntary. Having a Judeo-Christian origin, the concept is present in almost all religious factions of the world.

Committing adultery brings up several consequences like an enraged spouse at home and possible dissolution of the family and supportive life. Despite the fact that such family and supportive life was built up with a lot of efforts on part of the couple involved, adultery can disrupt their life. On the other hand adultery criminal laws in force in the country where it is committed can bring up serious consequences for the offender. In any case it could constitute pertinent grounds for fault based divorce.

Legal consequences of adultery that is considered a criminal act, does not end with divorce alone. It could result in a civil lawsuit against the spouse committing adultery. Besides the emotional trauma as well as the fallout faced by the subjects of adultery and consequential criminal laws, they could even land up in jail serving punishment on criminal charges.

Scenario is however changing pretty rapidly. Only few states in United States have adultery statute in place. Many states on the other hand abolished the statute altogether. Of course the states like Florida are an exception that still considers the adulterer as criminal. Open adultery is still a punishable criminal offence in Florida. Unique feature of adultery criminal laws in Florida is that even though only one of the persons involved in adultery is married, both can be charged with criminal offences of open adultery.

Thus, in Florida a person guilty of open adultery can face imprisonment up to 60 days and fines up to $500. In addition such person will also have a criminal record adding insult to injuries. In result it would be difficult getting jobs, loans, and other such financial and career benefits.

People charged with commitment of adultery should consult an efficient and reputable criminal lawyer to get appropriate advice. Such lawyer would be the right person for protecting the civil rights of the client.